Why medicalcertificateonline.com.au?

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medical doctor's certificate online

I thought there had to be better way to get a medical certificate than the current method of visiting your doctor for a face-to-face appointment.


My own experience is that it can take up two hours ‘door to door’ going to, waiting, meeting and travelling from a doctor’s appointment, let alone any time it may take to fulfil a doctor’s prescription from a pharmacy.  


I see this process as expensive, time consuming and in most instances unnecessary as quite often the reasons for being sick are more often than not pretty obvious. It may be a common cold or some other very simple explanation as to why your body is saying “stay in bed and get some rest.” Nonetheless, for those of us who work, many employers insist on a medical certificate or doctor's certificate and getting one within the current system is time consuming and expensive.   It was from this perspective that medicalcertificateonline.com.au was conceived.   The more I thought about the service the more I came to realise that the service could come to achieve a lot more than just be a convenient and cost effective way to issue medical and doctor's certificates.  


I believe medicalcertificateonline.com.au presents a significant opportunity to save time and money for patients and medical providers alike. Patients become the centre of the service with appointments occurring at a time and place that is convenient and appropriate for you. While for doctors the service streamlines those patient interactions that, in the majority of instances are straightforward. Yes, there will be instances that require a longer and perhaps more thorough consultation, but this is why we developed the Health Form to triage the situation quickly so the doctor can give you the best advice fast. If a doctor believes that a face-to-face appointment is needed then this is the advice you will receive. After all it’s about delivering the best health outcomes for you quickly and cost effectively.


We provide a valuable and cost effective way for a doctor to issue a doctor’s certificate. But we also issue peace of mind knowing your getting a genuine medical certificate to cover your sick leave.