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The University of Melbourne - Special Consideration Health Professional Report


To read about Special Consideration at the University of Melbourne visit the Special Consideration page and visit the Special Consideration applications page on ask.unimelb.


Special consideration for short term circumstances:

Application process:

  1. Apply online here.

  2. Submit your application by the deadline:

    • No later than 5.00pm on the fourth working day after the sitting date of the exam.

    • Before midnight on the due date of the assessment item (assignment or take home exam).

    • If the application is for the whole subject (i.e. you've been unable to meet the attendance requirement or you are seeking late withdrawal from the subject because of your circumstances) your application must be submitted no later than four days after the final assessment item due date.

  3. If your reason for applying for Special Consideration relates to your health, the Health Professional Report (HPR) form is the preferred document for submission. If using the HPR form, this must be completed and signed by the appropriate Health Professional in support of your circumstances.  Students then submit all documentation at the time of  lodging your online application.

The Special Consideration Health Professional Report is attached below and can be downloaded as an Adobe pdf document which can be shared with your doctor during your appointment by emailing it to them through your personal dashboard on the medical certificate online website.