Online Medical Certificates Means Meeting with an Australian Accredited and Registered Doctor

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Using the Medical Certificate Online site means meeting with an Australian Accredited and Registered GP online.

You will be consulting with an Australian registered medical practitioner, not a pharmacist or dentist. We absolutely guarantee this or your money back.

The opinions or advice are provided by fully Australian registered and accredited medical doctors. There are no shortcuts when it comes to seeking and receiving the advice of medical professionals trained in human health. This is why we only use or offer trained medical professionals deeply experienced in treating patients health every single day.

By using your illness is likely minor in nature. Our service has been designed around patients like you. Patients who are experiencing minor ailments and sicknesses most of which you have likely experienced before, or is familiar to you because it is a common ailment. After all who knows your health condition better than you? You typically know the nature of the sickness that is impacting your health and that is the subject of the medical certificate. You are seeking a medical certificate understanding that your illness is minor and transient in nature and are seeking to consult with a registered medical professional for quality advice and a doctor’s certificate. Our service has been designed around you with this very purpose in mind.

Our GP’s are expertly trained and well recognised in this area as practicing doctors and GP’s who are operating within or own their own medical practice.

Our two founding doctors are experienced GP’s.


Dr Cate Howell OAM, CSM BMBS, FRACGP, PhD(Med) 

Dr Cate is a General Practitioner and therapist, researcher, lecturer and author located in Adelaide. She has over 30 years of training and experience in the health area, and is passionate about the well-being of her clients. She has a special interest in mental health and can assist individuals experiencing life stresses or crises. Cate has her own practice at St Peters, South Australia, with a branch at Goolwa. She works part-time there in addition to her other roles in education and medicine.

Cate has completed a number of tertiary courses including a Bachelor in Applied Science (Occupational Therapy), a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, a Masters in Health Service Management and a Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), in which she researched preventing the relapse of depression. Cate also has a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis, and has undertaken training in Couple Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Interpersonal Therapy.

Cate has focused on writing books in recent years, and is now a regular blogger. She writes about relevant topics that she has passion for, gathering information and writing in an accessible way for professionals and the public alike. She has had three books published, the first on depression, the next on stress and anxiety with Dr Michele Murphy, and a third one on Intuition. All three have been published in the United Kingdom now, and ‘Keeping the blues away’ has now been translated and published in Japan.

Cate has received a number of awards including the Graham Wicks Prize during Hypnotherapy training, a Conspicuous Service Medal (RAAF 1992), and in 2000 she received a Churchill Fellowship to study the assessment and management of anxiety and depression in primary care. In 2012 she was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for services to medicine particularly mental health, and professional organisations.


Dr Celine Gol MB, BCh, BAO

Dr Celine Gol MB, BCh, BAO is a Brisbane based General Practitioner and has practised medicine for over 13 years. She has worked in general practice in England and Australia for the last 4 years and is dedicated to caring for the health and welfare of her patients. She obtained her Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Obstetrics in 2003 from the University of Galway, Ireland. Her other qualifications include a postgraduate diploma in Weight Management from the University of Chester in 2015, and is currently undertaking a Masters in Allergy at the University of Southampton. Prior to specialising as a GP, Dr Gol was involved in breast cancer research for four years. Her professional interests include weight management, allergy and skin disorders. She is passionate about patient care and has a strong interest in the scientific evidence behind plant-based nutrition and its application for the improvement and maintenance of health.


There is little doubt that the minor health condition you are experiencing as the basis of using this service is well within the practicing scope and capabilities of our doctors. All advice given is guided by the competency and professional practice standards as outlined by both the Australian Medical Association and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. And of course the very deep experience garnered by our doctors who directly treat hundred’s of patients every single week.

The information provided by or accessible via is informative in nature and does not constitute medical advice itself. Only the doctors whom you consult with via this service are trained, capable and able to provide medical advice. The medical certificate issued by our doctors is intended to support a person’s absence from work or University in Australia only.


Privacy and Confidentiality

We take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously. In fact, our website is encrypted with bank grade 256 bit SSL data encryption.

We are also governed by the Privacy Act 1998, in particular the requirement to safely store and retain your personal health records for a minimum of 7 years.

We do not use or share your personal information. This is your information treated with the upmost respect and confidentiality.


Record Keeping

You always have access to your personal health records through your online dashboard accessible at at any time, 7 days per week. This can be accessed by using your username and password via the log in page. You have full access and control of your health records, as well as access to correspondence between you and the doctor and all doctor’s certificates that have been issued to you.


There Are No Geographical Restrictions

We think globally but act locally.

This website is intended for use by all Australians with all Medical Certificates issued by Australian accredited and registered doctors for use by patients within our great nation.

We are happy to serve patients from every state in Australia - Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania. We can because we use an advanced and easy to use premium audio and video system designed to connect patients with doctors locally and easily either through a Chrome browser or via an app downloaded to your mobile phone.

We welcome everyone, from every persuasion, from every part of the country. Within seconds of your appointment ending your medical certificate is available to you through your online dashboard.


What we mean by minor illness and sickness

The list of minor health conditions and ailments we are happy to meet with you to issue a doctor’s certificate is located here.

These conditions are typically transient in nature. Please review and if your ailment is not on the list feel free to check with us if our doctors will meet with you by dropping us an email at and we’ll get back to you very quickly with a response from one of our doctors.

Our doctor’s certificates outline that the requesting individual is not fit for work or University due to illness or injury or is required to provide care or support to an immediate family member. Immediate family members include a spouse, de facto partner, child, parent, grandparent, grandchild or sibling of the person and a child, parent, grandparent, grandchild or sibling of a spouse or de facto partner of the person.

No further information is detailed or required to be detailed in the medical certificate.

We are also very happy to verify medical certificates with employers or academic institutions. They simply need to contact us via our email address and we are very happy to contact them to verify the medical certificate. We will simply verify that the medical certificate is authentic and that a meeting did occur between you and the treating doctor.