Medical certificates stating that a University student is too ill to attend an examination.

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The student union at the University of Melbourne recognises there are times when things can get pretty hectic and overwhelming toward the end of an academic year as exams and deadlines approach.


As the pressure builds they understand that students can sometimes be tempted to do some pretty dumb things like using a fake medical certificate.  


They provide some good advice to students about this and it's pretty clear and unambiguous as well:  


"DO NOT, under any circumstances, forge or falsify medical documents or aegrotat forms in order to obtain special consideration.  Falsifying documents is considered fraud and treated far more severely than other academic misconduct such as plagiarism.  If you are caught falsifying medical documents for ANY REASON you are likely to have your enrolment terminated."  



At we only provide genuine medical certificates where there are valid health reasons for the medical certificate.


Our doctors will not issue medical certificates where it's clear students are clearly trying to escape an exam or 'buy' some more time for an assignment deadline.  


The student union at the University of Melbourne, as do all universities provide student Advisory Services for students who need help managing the situation. For example, they can assist in helping a student seek special consideration where it is deemed appropriate to do so.  To learn more please seek help from your University’s student union.