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What are the components of a valid medical or doctor’s certificate template in Australia?


Based on a document set out by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) as an advisory document for practicing Australian doctors they have set out the key components of a valid medical certificate or doctor’s certificate teamplate for sick leave purposes.  


It serves as a useful guide for doctors, but also for employers, employees and university students alike particularly where a student requires an aegrotat.


As set out by the AMA, here is what they believe are the components of a valid medical certificate or doctor’s certificate template:


·    Name and address of the medical practitioner issuing the certificate;

·    The medical practitioner’s practicing medical number;

·    Name of the patient;

·    Date on which the examination took place;

·    Date on which the certificate was issued;

·    Date(s) on which the patient is or was unfit for attendance to work or school;

·    Supplementary information of assistance to the patient in obtaining the appropriate leave especially where there is a discrepancy in the period for which the certificate is issued and the date of the certificate.  


There is no requirement for a diagnosis to be included in the medical certificate.


If it is included it should only be included where the patient has provided their permission to the medical practitioner for this information to be included and only if it is deemed appropriate and relevant to the person reviewing the certificate.  


A medical certificate should also be written so that a non-medical person such as most patients, employers and teachers are able to read and understand it’s contents.  


In short, it is a fact based document written by a doctor who verifies the facts surrounding a patient's valid sickness or alternatively, the care they need to provide to a close family member. It validates the facts surrounding sick leave and the absence from work or school.