Innovative template driven approach to medical certificates

Primary tabs – a template driven approach to the issue of a medical certificate has put steps in place aimed at providing comfort to employees and employers alike. Our template drive approach to the creation and capture of patient information makes it easier for a doctor to assess a patient and for the patient to receive a template driven medical certificate.


These steps are aimed at delivering very high levels of certainty to patients and their employers that we are operating to the highest standards possible when evaluating patients and making a decision to issue a medical or doctor’s certificate. Accurate and extensive data capture is the key.
Central to this process is the Health Form.


The Health Form must be completed by every patient prior to meeting with one of our doctors online. It takes patients through a series of questions related to their medical history as well as information specific to their current health and set of symptoms. What results is a summary of the patient's health now and historically. It is similar to the form completed by most patient’s attending a doctor’s practice for a first time visit.


It provides a basis for patient questioning by the doctor in the online appointment, as well as potentially raising any 'red flags' that may require the doctor to request the patient seek a face to face meeting with their local doctor.
Far from being a 'rubber stamp' service for the issue of a medical or doctor’s certificate online. We provide extensive tools and templates for information capture. This template driven approach to the acquisition, evaluation and retention of patient information provides a sound basis for evaluating and discussing patient health.


This process creates compelling process and a convenient service at a standard equal to or better than what any patient would experience within a traditional medical practice setting. Our priority is to care for patient's health. However, we also want to reassure employers and employees alike that our standards are no less than what you would find in a face-to-face meeting between a doctor and a patient within a standard medical practice.
We expect our patients to come to us with legitimate concerns - illness, injury and requirements that support the issue of a medical certificate or doctor’s certificate. But, if the doctor believes that the symptoms and health status of the patient does not support the issue of one of these certificates then the doctor will not issue one. None of our doctors wants to jeopardise their own professional standing, nor compromise the patient's relationship and role with their employer and place of employment. There is simply too much at stake for all parties.
We have put the thinking in so patients get the benefit of our experience, our doctors and our services, so it's easy, affordable and time saving.