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We have developed the world's first and only platform for patients to receive a real medical or doctor’s certificate by seeing an Australian based doctor online.  There is now no longer any need to enter into a medical practice for a face to face appointment with a general practitioner when you need a doctor’s certificate unless it is a serious or chronic illness.

We have made the process simple, cost effective and easy. It takes no more than 5-7 minutes to book, meet and receive your medical certificate.
Here’s the easy way to get a medical certificate.

1.     Hit the ‘Book Now’ button and complete the booking summary and payment requirements.

2.     Complete the online Health Form prior to meeting with your doctor online. The Health Form will ask a series of questions about your health that will assist us in streamlining your appointment. If you would like to add additional information not covered by this form, there is the option to add further comments, pictures or files for your doctor to review prior to your meeting with them.

3.     At the confirmed time your doctor will contact you via the Skype address you provided at the time of making your booking. Please take care to make sure all your contact details are correct. This way if we are having difficulty reaching you on your Skype account we will contact you on the phone number provided, but this is really as a last resort!

4.     Within minutes of your consultation ending a valid medical certificate will be emailed to you.

We will always do our best to accommodate same day appointment requests, but we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate same day or even last minute appointments.  Our doctors are keen to support as many patients as possible, but they may be unable to see you on your requested day and date due to a number of factors including medical emergencies.
Our service is not intended to replace your current medical provider, but simply provide a timely and cost effective alternative to the traditional way medical certificates are administered here in Australia. We see ourselves as enhancing the current care given by your family GP, not replacing it.
Our aim is to focus on issuing a medical certificate for minor ailments like coughs, the common cold, flus, period pain, migraines, gastrointestinal conditions, head lice and other common infections and ailments. For more serious and complex illnesses we will always recommend a patient visit their local doctor for a face to face appointment. We will also not issue a medical certificate for a condition where you are being treated with a prescription drug, nor will our doctors issue prescriptions for drugs of any sort.