Primary tabs has brought the big easy to meeting with a doctor online using Webex.

We’ve made it fast for patients to connect with a doctor online - from your mobile, tablet or desktop.


At your appointment time meet the doctor online using the Cisco’s Webex meeting application. Interactive consultations with an Australian GP 7 days per week made easy - video and mobile consultations built around you anytime, anywhere, across any device.

We use Cisco’s Webex because of its superior ease of use and security. We’ve integrated the conferencing tool for large corporates into our system so our patients can enjoy convenience and security when they meet their chosen doctor.

Webex provides anytime, anywhere, on on any device online meeting infrastructure for doctor’s appointments delivering superior ease of use, security and access on mobiles, tablets and desktops via a Chrome browser. Don’t have a camera? You can still meet with the doctor and have an audio over the internet appointment via the Webex App.

We also provide a tolled number for patients to speak to the doctor from your mobile phone via Webex should all other options fail. This way you don’t miss out on talking to your doctor. Simply select the number in the Webex calendar notice and connect with your doctor and enjoy your appointment from your mobile phone. However, you will be paying your telecommunications provider for dialing this number as you would when you make any phone call. This is not a free call.

We’ve made having an appointment with a doctor online from anywhere, at anytime, on any device simple with two easy options.

  • Webex through your Chrome browser.
  • Webex App for iPhone and Android.

Cisco Webex for doctor’s appointments online. It’s simply superior in every respect - easy to use, secure and reliable. 

To learn more visit Webex.