Did you know you can get a doctor’s certificate from the comfort of home in Queensland without having to travel?

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Since launching over 18 months ago, we have now have now served hundred’s of patients from Queensland. Patients have come from a variety of professions, as well as students from every major academic institution across the state.

While our patients have come from numerous professional backgrounds and from every part of Queensland. All have one thing in common. They have all experienced and come to appreciate the convenience of meeting with a registered doctor, trained in the delivery of tele-health. For patients, this convenience has meant no waiting rooms, no paperwork and definitely no travel, seeing a doctor from the comfort of home on their mobile, tablet or desktop computer. Our patient’s now value the convenience; time saving and professional advice delivered by our well trained and accredited medical doctors. The proof of our quality and of satisfaction is the high number of repeat patients who have re-used the service on many occasions. They have built relationships and a great rapport with our doctors and value seeing them for their high quality insight and advice, as well as getting a doctor’s certificate.

How easy is the doctor’s certificate service to use?

Upon making an appointment, patients complete their Health Form, a simple questionnaire for the doctor to review prior to a patient’s appointment. Following this, the all patients have to do is prepare for their appointment and this part is easy. Patients simply download the free Webex App for iOS, Android or Windows mobile phone or tablet.  Using the Webex App makes it easy to connect with the doctor at the appointment time. Patients simply hit the appointment link called “click here to start appointment” in their calendar invitation and let the appointment load in the App. Within seconds patients are chatting with the doctor. Moments later a doctor’s certificate is available for download from within a patient’s secure dashboard on the medical certificate online platform.

It’s that easy. Fast. Efficient. Simple. A service purpose built for patient’s convenience and ease of use, served by doctors who care deeply about delivering a compelling and innovative tele-health service to patients. While our doctors issue doctor’s certificates to patients they do so providing valuable insight and medical care to patients - just as they would if they were treating patients face to face within a practice setting.

This is why medical certificate online is the fastest growing online doctor’s care service in Australia and in serving the many patients from Queensland.