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In case of an emergency here in Australia, please dial 000 for immediate assistance.

If you have a medical emergency please stop now and contact your local emergency services.

Medical Certifitcate Online is not to be used in cases where there is a medical emergency.

Medical Certifitcate Online is the world's first platform developed specifically for patients to receive a genuine medical certificate from a doctor online, without the need to enter into a medical practice or to meet face to face with a general practitioner. We may also offer additional health services related to routine medical matters where we deem it appropriate to do so, like providing a doctor’s referral for a medical specialist.

Our service is not intended to replace your current medical provider, but simply provide a timely and cost effective alternative to the traditional way medical certificates are administered. We see ourselves as enhancing the current care given by your family GP, not replacing it.

Our aim is to focus on issuing a medical certificate for minor ailments like coughs, common colds, flus, period pains, migraines, gastrointestinal conditions, head lice and other common infections. For more serious and complex illnesses we will always recommend a patient visit their local doctor for a face-to-face appointment.

Medical Certifitcate Online provides access to highly skilled doctors here in Australia trained to provide the very highest levels of care and support. The aim is to issue a medical certificate where it is appropriate to do so. However, in some instances, based on the patient’s symptoms and the doctor’s assessment, issuing a medical certificate may be inappropriate, and possibly not in the best interests of the patient’s health. Medical Certificates will also not be issued if the doctor believes there is a deliberate intent by the patient to commit a fraud in seeking the Medical Certificate. Under such circumstances, a medical certificate will not be issued but the doctor will issue a statement to the patient setting out relevant recommendations for either improving health or a request that the patient seek further medical treatment. This may include seeking a second opinion via a face-to-face appointment with a local doctor.

In some circumstances for example, a physical examination, blood tests, or diagnostic imaging may be required. These elements cannot be delivered via an e-health appointment. If the doctor determines that any or all of these are required, and in the patient’s best interest, the doctor will direct you to make an appointment for an in practice consultation with a local general practitioner.

We will not issue prescriptions for drugs or medicines requiring a prescription for their purchase. If a patient is currently being treated by a local GP with prescription medicines we would recommend that a patient see their local GP or treating doctor for the issue of further prescription based medications. We will only ever recommend readily available over the counter medications from your local chemist or pharmacy.

By using this service you agree not to amend, modify, copy, transfer or share any and all documents issued to you as part of this Service with the intention of altering the documents issued to you for your use or by other persons. This includes Medical Certificates, Health Certificates or Statements, Carer or Attendance Certificates, Medical or Doctor’s referrals or any other documents covering the routine medical procedures offered as part of this Service. Any attempt to modify a document will be construed as an intention to commit a fraud and will render the document null and void. In such circumstances, we reserve the right to commence legal action against you. Such actions will also constitute grounds for immediate cancellation of registration and ongoing service and site usage.

At this time, we use Skype as the basis for our teleconferencing appointments between a doctor and a patient. We use the video conference to gather clinical information and make an assessment based on the symptoms and information presented by the patient. The patient can also add to the doctor’s medical assessment prior to the appointment by completing the health summary form, as well as uploading pictures, relevant medical files, and medical history or by providing information about their symptoms or illness where appropriate. This type of information will assist the doctor in providing appropriate advice to the patient and informing her in preparing a medical certificate for the patient or other requested document.

There may be technological circumstances beyond the control of either the doctor or patient that may render it impossible to offer you an adequate online service. In such cases, we will work with you to make an appointment for an in practice consultation with either one of our doctors or your local general practitioner. An additional fee will likely be incurred for a face to face appointment, this is beyond the control of Medical Certifitcate Online when the service is provided by an independent service provider.

Please note that Medical Certifitcate Online is not covered under Medicare Australia and there is no bulk billing option offered as part of this service to patients at this time. Medicare Australia does not provide rebates for most direct patient to GP telehealth appointments, particularly within most metropolitan regions of Australia.

Medical Certifitcate Online charges service fees that are a direct out of pocket expense to patients. We are unaware if private health insurance covers these types of appointments and we recommend consulting your private health insurance provider to ascertain what coverage is provided, if any.

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